Although I have worked with many excellent, well qualified home inspectors over the Home Inspection - Magnifying Glassyears, I have also worked with a few who would make you question just what exactly made them think they were qualified to do this job. Below is the Ontario Real Estate Association’s take on this:

The Ontario home inspection industry should be regulated, according to the Ontario Real Estate Association. Ontario REALTORS® support the provincial government’s initiative to push for regulation to enhance the home inspection industry and provide greater protection to consumers. Currently, anyone in Ontario can call himself or herself a home inspector. The Ministry of Consumer Services commissioned a review of home inspector qualifications by an independent, 16-member panel of stakeholders, including home inspectors, consumer advocates, educators, and professionals in real estate, law and insurance. A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario’s Home Inspectors, was released in December and recommends regulation of home inspection industry. The panel made 35 recommendations in its 72-page report, after which the government invited public review and feedback to guide decision-making. Click the link to view this report. For more details, visit www.orea.com and click on “About” and then on “News and Press Releases.”


About Kim Mays

I live and work in beautiful Lanark County, just 45 mins west of Ottawa, the nation's capital. My family and I love it here, surrounded by all the best this community has to offer - abundant lakes, wildlife & nature, fabulous shops, great schools, and plenty more. As a REALTOR with Details Realty, feel free to give me a call if you are interested in relocating to the area, or if you have a home your are thinking of selling. I offer full real estate service for as low as 2.5% and never more than 3.5%. You can contact me at 613-812-1444. I would love to help you out!
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